R ecipients of T he A ngel F estival A wards

20th Award


2012 Award

2011 Award


2009 -

2008 -

Randy Pausch
See Award

Hanif Qadir
See Award

2007 -

Malalai Joya was silenced in her nativeland, Afghanistan, for calling her fellow members of parliment “warlords”, “war criminals”, “drug dealers”, and “barnyard animals”. Even though an elected member of Afghanistan’s National Assembly in 2003, Joya was thrown out. Notwithstanding death threats and her house being bombed—making her homeless—she fights on for others.
See Award

2006 -

Paul Gillespie who inspired the making of the computer program, The Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS) which was launched in Toronto, 7 April 2005 and was developed jointly by Microsoft Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and the Toronto Police Service, acted as an angel would—protective.
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2005 -

The Good Samaritans responding to Hurricane Katrina because of your self-less, charitable attitude in helping the victims, you showed others how to become angels as yourselves.
See Award

Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005) in recognition that he acted as an angel for the murdered because he didn’t want history to record that the Nazis killed millions of people and got away with it.
See Award

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, though born in 1976 with a deformed right leg, in Koforidua, Ghana, he went from being an orphan street beggar to a national example of courage by bicycling with one leg across his country with a donated bike from the Challenged Athletes Foundation in Del Mar, California. His journey changed the way his fellow two million disabled are treated in Ghana.
See Award

2004 -

Joe Ehrmann, founder of The Door (1986) in Baltimore, Maryland with its youth program "Building Men for Others".

Czeslaw Milosz (1911-2004) in recognition of this Nobel Prize-winning poet's spiritual discoveries put into words.

2003 -

Kenneth E. Behring, founder of the Wheelchair Foundation, founded 2000.

Matthew “Mattie” J. T. Stepanek, born with a muscular dystrophy disease; author of Heartsongs.

2002 -

The Amber Alert, America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response c/o Donna Norris, Amber Hagerman’s mother.

2001 -

The Citizens of the United States of America in recognition of their love of country, with its freedoms, since the terrorism attack on America, September 11, 2001.

Nkosi Johnson (1989-2001) c/o of his foster mother, Gail Johnson, in recognition of his innocent dedication as a self-appointed ambassador for children born HIV-positive in his native South Africa - a country where admitting to being the carrier of AIDS was taboo, until he spoke about his own family experiences.

2000 -

Debi Faris, founder of Garden of Angels, (Desert Lawn Cemetery in Calimesa, California) in recognition of the loving service she is providing for abandoned dead babies found in trash dumpsters or on doorsteps.

Thomas James (JT) Leyden, former American skinhead, in recognition of his regeneration from one who hates to one who loves.

1999 -

Mavis Nicholson Leno, Chairwoman, Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan.

1998 -

The Alliance of Guardian Angels, Inc., Safety Patrol, Brooklyn, New York.

1997 -

Diana, The Princess of Wales (1961-1997) c/o Kensington Palace, England.

Mother Teresa (1910-1997) c/o Missionaries of Charity, Calcutta, India.

STRIVE (Support Training Results In Valuable Employees) East Harlem Employment Service, New York City.

1996 -

Christopher Reeve in recognition of the understanding he has received since
his paralyzing accident on 27 May 1995, that we are not made up solely of our
physical bodies.

1995 -

Elizabeth Glaser (1947-1994) c/o The Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Nicole Brown Simpson (1959-1994) c/o The Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation.

Food From the ‘Hood, a natural food products company c/o Crenshaw High School, South Central, Los Angeles.

The Rescuers of the Oklahoma City Bombing c/o Oklahoma City, USA.

For full text of The Angel Festival Awards
listed above, contact: Candace Frazee
or write
1933 Jefferson Drive, Pasadena, CA 91104
(626) 794-4458


W here &W hen


The 20th
Angel Festival
is on
Sat. Oct. 5, 2013

The festival is held in Memorial Park,
in the City of Sierra
Madre, California
which is in
Los Angeles County
The Angels County!

Call for more info:
(626) 794-4458


Everything and anything to do with angels,
beit religious or
silly fun!

This festival promises something for everyone, from the exhibit booths featuring an amazing diversity of angel products, to fascinating angel lectures, and fun angelic demonstrations.

Celestial-like atmosphere
in outdoor park.



T he A ngel
estival A wards


Candace Frazee,
Founder & Director of
The Angel Festival
and Madam Chair of Swedenborg Information of Los Angeles (SILA)
honours "angels" living and/or departed.

Candace Frazee
& her husband,
Steve Lubanski, 2004

Honourees are chosen based on qualities
which display
angelic behaviour.

Bronze plaques
are bestowed.

There is no cash value
The Angel Festival Awards,
for angels do what they do,
serving a use,
not seeking any merit.

Swedenborg Information
of Los Angeles
is a not-for-profit
educational service
dedicated to disseminating
the true facts about
Emanuel Swedenborg.
Since 1988.

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